Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Development of the technology and environment safeguard: how Donvi reaches these goals.

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postheadericon Technology and environment

We pay particular attention to the environment safeguard, as you can see during all the stages of our production process:

- We use the induction technique for the heating of the frames' details that need to be shaped. This process is based on electric currents induced into the materials in   order to create heat; this process permits to eliminate the gas emissions typically emitted by the use of open flames.

- Every welding bench has got a suction system.

- The plastic polymerization process has got a new system for gases mining.

- Donvi S.r.l (Ltd) has got a cryogenic system to remove the plastic from the galvanic frames (respecting the environment and keeping the original frame’s structure   unchanged even after the treatment).

- Furthermore, we are realizing a photovoltaic system: it will make us save energy thanks to the renewable energetic source of the Sun. This technology is important to   get:

    • Compatibility between architectural needs and environment safeguard;
    • No acoustic pollution;
    • Fossil fuel saving;
    • An electric energy production with the reduction of the pollutant emissions in the atmosphere which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Induction technology

induction technology

Detail heated with induction technology for the shaping.

System for gases mining

system for gases mining

New system for gases mining. It eliminates the gases emitted from the plastic polymerization process of the plastic of the frames' coatings for the galvanic tools.

Cryogenic System

internal cryogenic system

We are one of the first companies in Italy with an internal cryogenic system.

postheadericon Enviromental Policy


The management of Donvi S.r.l (Ltd) is aware of the environmental problems deriving from our activities. In fact, we adopt a responsible business strategy aimed to the continuous improvement of the techniques for the environment safeguard, respecting laws and regulations.

Adopting this approach, Donvi S.r.l. (Ltd) can get important benefits both on the side of environmental safeguard that on the commercial and economic side.

Donvi’s productive process is structurally and functionally well consolidated, so it’s easier to control and to monitor the environmental impact of our activities.

In order to make sure everyone knows the principles of the environmental policy, they are posted up to the main points of our building, where everyone can read them.

These objectives are constantly controlled and examined by the direction.