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Internal cryogenic system

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We constantly work to improve our manufacturing processes and our products to provide the best products to our Clients, on both quality and price levels. For this reason Donvi has been one of the first Italian companies to use an internal cryogenic system for the coating stripping. This system is very innovative even because it drastically reduces the air pollution.

The frames are dipped into liquid nitrogen and then they're sandblasted. Thanks to this process, we remove the old coating, but we don't alter the frame's structure. Compared to the old "manual" techniques we can keep the frame's structure unaltered without altering, for example, the characteristics of the little "supports" where the products to treat will be attached to.

The frames' cryogenic paint removing is obtained by the very fast cooling of the liquid nitrogen. The frame that you need to strip is dipped into the liquid nitrogen tank (-196º), where it shrinks because of the iced temperature.
The plastic that has to been removed shrinks eight times more than the galvanic frames, so the paint cracks and this causes its detachment from the frame. Then, with a light mechanical action, we remove all the paint from the frame.


criogenic system Internal Cryogenic system remove the old coating liquid nitrogen

Cryogenic system: removes coating from galvanic frames without altering their structure